Welcome to Villach - A Region of Culinary Delights

A delicious combination of inspiring landscapes, culinary tradition, and creative presentation.

Where Austria, Italy, and Slovenia meet, the influences of three cultures merge into a diversity that permeates all aspects of life. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty, where locals and visitors alike can enjoy exceptional cuisine.

In this place, the variety of products from the Alps-Adriatic region meets creative talent and hospitality that is steeped in tradition. Mountains, lakes, and the proximity to the sea build the foundation for an extraordinary product and food culture, which has found common ground with KÜCHENKULT in the last few years.


Villach’s most outstanding chefs and food producers show what they can do.

What began in 2015 as a small gourmet festival has in the meantime become a year-round motto for the most creative chefs in the Region Villach - Faaker See - Ossiacher See.

Not only on select festival days do chefs and food producers from the region work magic with their diverse and delicious ideas, but also invite you to join them year round on mouth-watering journeys through the region.

From Lake Faak to Villach’s old town to the center of Carinthia in Arriach, amazing food will be served, drinks will be poured, and you will be thoroughly spoiled. The best local ingredients are always the focus and form the delicious foundation for the varied culinary creations.


Authentic and refined - this is the essence of the KÜCHENKULT culinary festival. The exceptional quality of regional products and the special skills of the KÜCHENKULT culinary artists guarantee unique explosions of taste in the wild Carinthian fall.

With Slow Food, the Villach culinary region is embracing the world’s largest movement for conscious food culture and sustainable food production. With its unique Slow Food Villages Carinthia is already a trailblazer in Austria, and the cooperation with KÜCHENKULT was only a matter of time.

Relax, Eat & Experience

That’s the Essence of the Villach Culinary Region.


Relaxing and refreshing. The Villach region is one of the most beloved vacation destinations in Austria, and has something great to offer for every taste - from a wellness vacation in a thermal spa resort, to enjoying the Mediterranean spirit of the old city, to a beach vacation on Austria’s warmest lakes. Here you can relax to the fullest and feel truly welcome. Villach’s hospitality is well-known even across borders, and the regional tourism companies ensure a perfect vacation experience.


Authentic and refined. Villach’s top chefs love products that grow nearby and are freshly harvested, meals that are imaginative and yet are still rooted in tradition, and dishes that make your mouth water. You can taste that they are passionate about cooking. Villach’s cuisine is amazing at every time of year, and can be enjoyed to its fullest during the KÜCHENKULT culinary festival.


Plenty of variety and lots of fun. The tri-border region is a truly limitless natural playground, with Villach at its center. There are attractive recreational activities for every season and every kind of weather - hiking, sailing, ice skating, skiing, swimming, and much more. The free Villach Erlebnis CARD alone offers 600 different vacation experiences, and that’s only a small selection of what’s on offer.

KÜCHENKULT + Short Vacation

Take this opportunity to send a quick enquiry to the hotels in the region.

The Alps-Adriatic specialities at our festivals offer the perfect opportunity to experience, taste, and deeply savor the incredible variety of the Villach region. We recommend staying several days in order to fully enjoy the individual events and have the most relaxing experience.


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