Der Bio-Zitrusgarten

The Freshness of the South

Michael Ceron is known as the organic lemon farmer from Faaker See and has been an ambitious member of KÜCHENKULT since 2015. With his citrus fruits from all over the world he has captured both Austrian and international haute cuisine markets.
It’s not only Ceron’s plants and fruits that feel comfortable in the lovely greenhouse, though - it also regularly becomes the scene of extraordinary KÜCHENKULT events.

More Than 280 Citrus Varieties
Bio-Zitrusgarten is a year-round destination, where approximately 280 different varieties of citrus fruits delight visitors and gardening enthusiasts. You can stroll through the 4000 m2 handicapped accessible space between the fruits and the scent of citrus blossoms.

Between Buddha’s Hand and Maxima
A visit to the citrus garden is a delight for all the senses. The beguiling scents, the unbelievable colors, and finally, of course, the flavors. Experience the fact that not all citrus fruit is sour, how tasty the peel can be, and discover the largest lemon in the world, the citrus medica “Maxima,” or the amazing variety “Buddha’s Hand.”

That Tastes Good!
In the last few years, KÜCHENKULT guests have been able to experience some of the most extraordinary citrus creations. Char caviar with lemon crème fraîche, sturgeon filet with Buddha’s Hand, or braised lamb ragout with salt lemons are just some of the wonderful creations that have been enjoyed so far.

Contact Details
Der Zitrusgarten
Blumenweg 3
9583 Faak am See
+43 664 54 03 321

What Others Have to Say
FALSTAFF Restaurant Guide
“Who would have thought that the largest collection of lemons in Europe would be found in Carinthia? Michael Ceron grows 283 varieties at his plant nursery in Faak am See.”
PS. W. on Google
“A must for citrus lovers - a fantastic company that is run by friendly, dedicated people. An unbelievable variety of plants and a well-stocked speciality shop. The samples were great.”
Galileo | ProSieben
Buddha’s Hand: the strange ancient fruit - in Bio-Zitrusgarten on the Faaker Seeg>


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