Die Stiftsschmiede

The Fish Restaurant on Lake Ossiach

Over 1,000 years ago, right on the banks of Lake Ossiach, a blacksmith’s shop came into being when a monastery and a church were built. These days people make the trip to exactly this place in order to experience the culinary magic of the “fishsmith” of Ossiach, as KÜCHENKULT enjoyment artist Gerhard Satran is known.

Regional and Authentic Eating Pleasure
With the idyllic location right on the banks of Lake Ossiach, a visit to Stiftsschmiede is like a short culinary vacation that keeps you coming back for more. And for those who want to stay a bit longer, the Stiftsschmiede has four suites to offer guests who want to enjoy beautiful days on Lake Ossiach.
Since opening in the year 2000, the former blacksmith’s shop has developed from a culinary insider’s secret into the top choice for excellent Carinthian fish cuisine with an international touch.

Right from the beginning Gerhard Satran and his Stiftsschmiede have been a fixture in the KÜCHENKULT event series. In this way he has been shaping the cultural and culinary life around the enchanting Lake Ossiach for years, and is for good reason one of the most beloved wedding locations in all of Austria.

Of Carinthian Fish Cuisine, Ceviche, and Sushi
Through KÜCHENKULT at Stiftsschmiede fish lovers can thoroughly enjoy themselves. Satran serves, among other things, char with organic lemon aroma, horseradish, and cress; lake trout with asparagus and this year’s wine; or Lake Ossiach sheatfish with turnips and root vegetables.

Contact Details
Stiftsschmiede Ossiach
Fischrestaurant und Zimmer am See
Ossiach 4
9570 Ossiach
+43 676 40 11 793

What Others Have to Say
FALSTAFF Restaurant Guide
“Host Gerhard Satran has mastered the preparation of the finest fish, which are also roasted over an open fire in the former blacksmith’s shop. A tip: try the sheatfish goulash.”
Daniela S. on Google
“Each bite of food is a delicious experience. Great atmosphere. When the chef works, you can feel his love of cooking and of caring for guests.”
Hugo T. on Google
“A very dignified, high-quality restaurant in a building that is a historic landmark. Fish lovers, especially, will find culinary delights here. Friendly service and a head chef who takes very good care of his guests. Great atmosphere inside and an amazing panoramic view - right on the lakeside - in the summer months.”

  • Beautiful restaurant "Stiftsschmiede" at lake Ossiach


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