Edelbrennerei Pfau - Pfau Fine Spirits Distillery

Your Passion, Distilled

With his “Pfau” fine spirits distillery, Valentin Latchen has for years belonged to Austria’s absolute elite.

With time, patience, and the motto “The quality must be right, from the fruit to the finished product” the small basement distillery of the family-owned Gasthof Pfau in Carinthia’s Jauntal Valley has developed under Latschen’s leadership into one of Europe’s best-known high-quality distilleries. Now located in Klagenfurt’s Schleppekurve, the Pfau barrels - with their elegant repertoire from “A” for “apple brandy” to “Z” for “Zirbe” (stone pine) - are stored in the historic vaults of the Schleppe Brewery. It should also be mentioned that Latschen is recognised as one of Austria’s whiskey pioneers.

Valentin Latschen and his Pfau also wins over our KÜCHENKULT chefs with character and quality, which is why it’s no wonder that you can find these fine liquors in many KÜCHENKULT restaurants.

Contact Details
Pfau Brennerei GmbH
Schleppeplatz 1
9020 Klagenfurt
+43 463 44 02 66

What Others Have to Say

  • “Fine distiller Valentin Latschen owes his house name to its heraldic animal, which he brought with him to Klagenfurt from his family’s inn in Ruden. Ever since, on the grounds of the Schleppe Brewery, unadulterated specialties have emerged - from cider pear brandy to potato liquor (“Bramburus”). Latschen, who last year bottled a 15-year-old single malt, is also one of Austria’s whiskey pioneers.” - FALSTAFF Restaurantguide


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