Weingut Egger Vineyard on Sternberg Mountain

Honest and authentic

Once an ancient Roman place of worship, Sternberg Mountain is today a place of power with a fantastic view and is home to the Egger family vineyards. What began many years ago as a small garden with 600 vines is today a vineyard of over 4.5 hectares and with more than 13,000 vines. And still, each bottle of wine from Carinthia is something special. When the Carinthian winegrowers create a completely new world of wines, it’s all about quality over quantity, a pioneering spirit, and courage.

At the Weingut Egger Vineyard on Sternberg Mountain, high above Wernberg, the vines are cultivated dynamically and organically. Sustainability is the focus here, from the cultivation of the vines all the way to the finished wine. Pest control is accomplished by bees, butterflies, and ladybugs, and Shropshire sheep function as “natural lawnmowers” in this diverse vineyard. In addition to Riesling, Sauvignon, and Chardonnay grapes, Müller-Thurgau, Traminer, and Grauburgunder varieties are also grown, and the first red wine from the Pinot grapes is in the cellar.

Contact Details
Egger Family Winery
Feldweg 6
9241 Wernberg
+43 664 160 16 30

What others have to say

  • “Middle yellow-green, silver reflections. Attractive yellow tropical fruits, ripe gooseberries, a hint of herbal spice. Juicy, elegant texture, nuances of ripe peaches, a finish of delicate baby bananas, the fine sweetness of fruits, the flavor lasts, mineral aftertaste.” 91 out of 100 points for the 2016 Sauvignon Ried Sternberg. - Falstaff wine and gourmet magazine


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